My Mom and Estonia Have Similar Taste?

Juliet, NakedYesterday I was going through my Google Reader when I came across an article about the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award longlist. Now this is an award I’d never heard of, but sounds kind of interesting. The reason being is that the longlist is made up of books nominated by libraries from around the world, making the longlist rather… long.

The Millions article explores the books on the longlist a little more closely. First it shares the overall favorites, meaning the books nominated by at least seven libraries. Of those, I’ve read one (The Help) and my mom recommended another, which is on my to-be-read list (A Gate at the Stairs).

But what caught my eye was the last part of the article, which looked at countries that had only one library nominating only one or two books . The one book of those that I’ve read also happened to be a suggestion by my mom. In fact, not long before she died, my mom bought it on our joint Amazon account for her Kindle and I then read it too. That book would be Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby. And apparently it’s the nomination to come out of Estonia. For a book about a famous reclusive musician in America forming a relationship with a dissatisfied woman in England, I love that it is favorite book of Estonia. Perhaps these things amuse me more than they should.


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