Jane Eyre Movie Preview

It’s Friday and it’s been a long week (yes, even with a day off in the middle!), so you all get another video along with more movie news.

Yesterday, I talked about this little old book-to-movie adaptation you may have heard of called Harry Potter. Today, I’m talking about a different book-to-movie adaptation and this is one I’ve actually read the book it’s based on!

Apparently, there is a Jane Eyre movie coming out. I think I’ve pretty well documented my love for Jane Eyre in this blog. I’ve read the book more than once, and enjoyed it each time… even when it showed up in The House on Fortune Street, from my mom’s list. This certainly isn’t the first Jane Eyre movie, but – as much as I hate to agree with anything MTV says – it does seem a little different than past versions. The trailer above almost makes it look like a horror movie. Anyone else get that vibe?

Still, I must admit the new Jane Eyre does have something in common with the new Harry Potter. And that’s that I probably won’t see either. Sorry, I know I really like Jane Eyre, but movies in New York are expensive. And did I mention I tend to fall asleep during them? I just like knowing it’s out there though. I guess there’s always Netflix.


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