Literary Favorites Went Yellow for The Simpsons

Moe 'N' A LisaOkay, so this is old news. So old, in fact, that it happened in 2006. But everything old is new again, right?

Here’s what happened: There I was sitting on my couch, watching Oprah on DVR, waiting to see the segment with Jonathan Franzen discussing Freedom. Then the introduction begins with a slideshow featuring highlights of Franzen’s career, including much focus on The Corrections, what with its National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize finalist things. But what caught my eye? A quick picture from The Simpsons. Further investigation was necessary.

Apparently, Jonathan Franzen made a cameo on The Simpsons back in 2006. And he wasn’t alone! Also on the episode were literary heavyweights Michael Chabon (name sound familiar?), Tom Wolfe, and Gore Vidal. I’ve read books by all of these guys… except Gore Vidal, but close enough. I love that they all made the time to be on The Simpsons. While perhaps it’s not a show my mom ever got into (though she did make a brief attempt), my brother was always a big fan, and back in the day I could quote The Simpsons with the best of them… if “them” were Simpsons fanatics. I probably haven’t watched a full episode in about 10 years, but I still appreciate the smart humor.

This particular episode, entitled “Moe’N’a Lisa”, has Lisa helping Moe write a poem to cope with his anger at Homer for forgetting his birthday. Moe and the poem receive great recognition and Moe gets invited to speak on a panel with Chabon, Franzen, Wolfe and Vidal. I wanted to embed a video clip, but apparently Twentieth Century Fox isn’t so keen on that so YouTube has none to share. The picture above will have to do.

And for everyone who doesn’t care about The Simpsons at all or news from 2006, I’m sorry. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the part Oprah wanted me to focus on. For the record, the rest of the Franzen segment was good too.

(Picture belongs to Twentieth Century Fox and I got it from here)


One response to “Literary Favorites Went Yellow for The Simpsons

  1. Also, famous literary recluse Thoman Pynchon has appeared on The Simpsons not once, but twice! Always with a bag over his head.

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