Reading for Robin Hits the Airwaves

Reading with RobinExciting news… I’m going to be on the radio.

A woman named Robin Kall who hosts a radio show called Reading With Robin (oh the similarity!) stumbled upon my humble blog and reached out to me. She hosts a talk radio show based in Rhode Island about authors and reading and books, which she learned to love from her mom. She really likes the idea of my Reading for Robin project and now we’re going to talk about it.

So, next Saturday, December 11th, at around 7:30am I’m going to call in and chat with her on the radio. Should be interesting seeing as how I get nervous doing these things. I was once interviewed for a video project at journalism camp (I know, I know, nerd) and it did not go well. But hopefully I’m better on radio than I am on video. Here’s hoping!

If you’re up that early on a Saturday, which I most certainly am not usually, and you’d like to listen, I believe it streams live at Otherwise, I will probably be able to post a link to the recording after the fact. That is if I’m not too embarrassed to have anyone listen to it. Wish me luck!


8 responses to “Reading for Robin Hits the Airwaves

  1. Sam, that’s so exciting! Your mom would be so proud. Do you get an idea in advance what she’ll be asking you? You’re going to do great!!

  2. Oh my dear chickadee – You shouldn’t have spilled the seeds. Now all your peeps will be “camping out” in front of their computers @ 7:30 A.M. on Saturday December 11th to hear the “little bird “chirp! But sing my dear, sing.

  3. I’ll be at the door with coffee, donuts and maybe a little caviar

  4. Oh journalism camp, such fond memories. Good luck on the interview…maybe stay away from saying things like “in the dorm last night, last night, in the dorm.” Can’t wait to listen in!

  5. samantha! what a wonderful experience…sandy just told me, and i speak to your dad everyday and he didn’t tell me!!! i will be up to listen…..i know you will do well and mom would be proud!

  6. I am so excited!!!!!

  7. could you please send me the link so that i can listen to it… i tried to find it online but couldnt find it on her web page.. to listen to it after the fact.. so sorry BUT i do want to hear it!!! please send it to me… xox

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