Natalie Portman Gets Bookish

Natalie Portman's Lolita ClutchIs anyone else gigantically relieved it’s finally Friday? Because it has been one busy week. But what makes this Friday especially nice is more book-related fashion! It’s been pretty well documented on the blog that I have a thing for book-themed purses. Which is strange because I’m still not sure I’d carry one. I just love the idea.

Since my favorite celebrity Violet Affleck rocked the look, other stars have picked up on the trend. Most recently, it’s Natalie Portman sporting a lovely Lolita clutch at the Black Swan premiere. According to the L.A. Times’ blog Jacket Copy, Portman’s bag comes from French designer Olympia Le-Tan. Sounds fancy.

Something tells me that these wouldn’t be in my budget even if I did want to carry one.

(Photo: Evan Agostini / Associated Press via Jacket Copy)


One response to “Natalie Portman Gets Bookish

  1. sam, i am listening to you on the radio right now, and i am as proud as if i was listening to one of my girls! good job!!!

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