Next Up: Swimming Toward the Ocean

Swimming Toward the Ocean

Saturday I made my radio debut. I didn’t stutter or stumble too much, so I’d say it was a success. I’ll post a link to the recording once it’s up. I guess I should probably pick a new book to read though, eh?

After my giant burst of reading productivity, I took a week or so, but now I’m ready to dive back in. Starting today, I’ll be reading Swimming Toward the Ocean by Carole Glickfield.

It was actually requested that I read this book next, and I love not having to make a decision. The library at my synagogue in Florida, Kol Tikvah, will be holding a special book club discussion in honor of my mom, who was very involved in the creation of the library many, many years ago. They decided to pick a book from my mom’s list on my blog and they picked Swimming Toward the Ocean. As such, they asked if I would read it next so they could refer to my comments, since I can’t be there in person. Of course, I was happy to oblige.

In the meantime, Swimming Toward the Ocean is described as:

Chenia Arnow is a Russian-Jewish immigrant in 1950s New York, a sharp-witted, Betty Grable look-alike whose accent and Old-World superstitions mask untapped passions and intellectual curiosity. Her husband Ruben is a handsome philanderer who has a knack for creating phony lawsuits. Their precocious daughter Devorah, tells–and often imagines–the richly involving story of their lives.

No one expects the devoted Chenia to fall under the spell of a lover of her own, but the Arnows’ lives unfold in many surprises. In tart and seductive storytelling, Swimming Toward the Ocean follows husbands and wives and children through often shifting and misguided connections, illuminating the timeless patterns of immigrant life, and the search for love and a place in a new world.

My synagogue’s event will be held on February 9th, and I look forward to hearing how it goes. I hope my comments are helpful!


4 responses to “Next Up: Swimming Toward the Ocean

  1. definitely -huge success! you are welcome any time! it will be posted in a few days….

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