Listen To Me On The Radio

On AirI apologize in advance if you are already sick of hearing about my radio debut. I have to milk this for all it’s worth since it’s likely the closest I get to being a celebrity. Except for that time I won Best School Lunch Poster in kindergarten and got a medal at a ceremony at City Hall. Oh and when my team, the New York Kickerbockers, won the championship in the Extremely Casual Kickball League. But I digress.

So, as I mentioned on Monday, I didn’t completely mess up my appearance on the Reading With Robin show, so I’m posting a link to the recording like I promised. You can listen to it here, but you have to register for the site to hear it. The registration is easy and free though, and doesn’t result in spam, promise!

I won’t listen to it (can’t stand to hear myself), but hope you all enjoy. Like I said, this might be the height of my fame. Unless of course the Kickerbockers pull a repeat next year.


5 responses to “Listen To Me On The Radio

  1. i love it,samantha!! you were fabulous and as i mentioned -would LOVE to have you back on from time to time…checking in w/samantha or something like that! thanks for posting!!
    xo robin

  2. you are so well-rounded! You win awards for arts & crafts, athletics and now you are a radio celebrity. What an honor it is to be your friend (and kickball teammate)!

  3. I loved it! Books do bring us together. You are a star Samantha!
    PS. Go New York Kickerbockers (I am still revelling from the win)

  4. Samantha – I thought your radio interview was great, and so touched that you mentioned our temple’s literary evening remembering your mom and reading “Swimming Toward the Ocean” – together with you.

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