My Mom’s List Is Always With Me…

Family Album…even when I don’t realize it. While, yes, the list is almost always physically with me (I’ve taken to carrying it in my purse like my mom did), it seems to also be with me subconsciously.

A few weeks ago, I went to Barnes and Noble with a purpose, but as per usual got distracted by the shiny promotions tables in front. New in fiction? Yes, please! Customer favorites? Why not! Staff picks? Of course! I know, I know, I’ve mentioned before that I’m a sucker for these.

On this particular occasion, I browsed the paperbacks and gravitated towards Family Album by Penelope Lively. I had heard of it and heard good things at that. I read the back of the book and liked what I read. I took the plunge and bought it, using a gift certificate I had allotted for other things, but oh well.

It wasn’t until weeks later that I realized Family Album is on my mom’s list. Is that why I had heard of it? Quite possibly. I guess after months of staring at it and analyzing each book before choosing a new one, it makes sense that the list has seeped into my brain. It’s just funny that I didn’t even notice.

With all that said, look for an announcement that I am reading Family Album soon. Once I have a longer stretch without traveling (hello Memphis next week!), I will settle down with the paperback. In the meantime, it’s back to my Kindle and Swimming Toward the Ocean.


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