E-Readers Through The Generations

Sony ReaderAnd I’m not talking generations as in first generation Kindle vs. second generation Kindle. I’m talking family… specifically mine.

I was the first in my family to go e-reader way back in October of 2009 when I asked, and received, a Kindle for my birthday. I’ve mentioned before how at the time my mom was all, “I like the feel of real books” like so many other naysayers. Earlier in the year, for her birthday, she insisted I tell my dad not to buy her an e-reader. But as I began to use mine and she began to read more about them, her opposition crumbled. She started researching brands. Then almost exactly a year ago, my dad surprised her with a Kindle. Well, kind of surprised her. (He overlooked the fact that she pays the credit card bills, but the thought was there). My mom wound up really liking the Kindle I think. She still read real books, but she appreciated the convenience and ease a Kindle offered.

When I was in town one week, we tried to explain the device to my grandpa. We had previously failed to explain an iPod, so hopes weren’t high. At first, my grandpa, who is 90-years-old by the way, dismissed the Kindle. I think he didn’t quite get it. Did it come preloaded with books? What happened when you read all the books? Was it a waste? Did you need that new-fangled internet or a computer to use one? I answered the best I could, but he seemed unimpressed.

A few days later though, as I sat on the couch Kindle in hand, and he sat on the couch book in hand, he must have reconsidered. He asked me to explain again. I explained again. I even demonstrated… including an example of how large the type could go. I think this time the concept made more sense. The fact that at any given time I could be walking around with hundreds of books in one small device finally impressed him. He admitted if he was a little younger that would be the new technology he would want.


One response to “E-Readers Through The Generations

  1. Conversely, I don’t think Grandpa will ever be impressed with my explanation of what a smart phone is.

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