My Year in Reading

2010Happy New Year everyone! I’m back and I can’t believe it’s already 2011. But while most people are looking ahead, I’m still stuck in 2010 when it comes to books at least. Isn’t there some sort of saying about how you can’t move forward until you look back? So let’s look back… at my year in reading.

It all started last January, before this blog even came into being, when I decided to keep better track of the books I read and the books I want to read. A Google doc was born. So where am I now?

Well, in the last 12 months, I’ve read a total of 40 books. Of those, 22 came from my mom’s list. Seven were either manuscripts or audiobooks for work. And the rest were books of my own choosing that I stumbled upon either from personal suggestions or blog recommendations. As for genres, most were commercial or literary fiction, while there were only eight non-fiction titles, all of which were memoirs.

During the year I never really stopped to think about my reading choices, so it’s been interesting doing it here and now. And it’s led me to a few reading resolutions for 2011. Here’s what I want to accomplish book-wise this year:

  1. Read/listen to more of my company’s books
  2. Read more non-memoir non-fiction
  3. Finish my mom’s list
  4. Beat this year’s reading total

I know, I know, these goals are a bit ambitious, but that’s New Year’s resolutions for you. And now that I’ve laid them out here, you can all keep me accountable. But maybe not too accountable.


4 responses to “My Year in Reading

  1. Don’t forget to add signing Alexis Bledel and Susan Sarandon on for the Reading for Robin movie!

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