A Literary Event For My Mom

Yesterday I gave my thoughts on Carole Glickfield’s Swimming Toward the Ocean, but in a few weeks a lot more people will be sharing their opinions about the same book. That’s because, as I mentioned a while back, my synagogue picked Swimming Toward the Ocean for their book event in memory of my mom. They asked me to read it and blog about it next so that they could reference my comments. I am honored they are doing this for her and honored that they asked me to be involved even though I’m far away.

Recently, I was shown the flyer for the event and now I’m showing it to you (I hope that’s okay):

Kol Tikvah FlyerIf any of my mom’s friends are interested, I believe you are welcome. And if you go, say hi to my dad. This book’s not his usual reading fare, but he’ll be there and he may need some non-Swimming Toward the Ocean talk.


5 responses to “A Literary Event For My Mom

  1. Absolutely all are welcome to our program remembering your mom. The program is sponsored by Kol Tikvah Library, Sisterhood, and Book Club.

  2. samantha, this is a wonderful event! what a great way for her to be remembered and honored!

  3. Mary Frances Heller

    This is the first time reading your literary blog in honor of your mom.
    She would and is very proud of your creation. I received the nook for Christmas and in honor of your mom will attempt to download Swimming Toward the Ocean. The day of the event falls on our 25th wedding anniversary. We will do our best to attend. Your writing brings out the personality of you. I look forward to following your reviews.

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