It Snowed in New York

SnOMGTell me something I don’t know, right? It’s thoroughly unoriginal to write a post about the weather, but I write these posts the night before they go up and at that time I was thinking of little else besides the snow and my ever so miniscule chances of having a snow day from work today.

So by the time you are reading this, I’m hopefully very happily at home wrapped in our new super soft blue blanket spending the entire day reading (and watching just a little TV?). See, books! This post is about books! But more likely, by the time you are reading this, I am at work like usual only this time in possibly snow soaked pants.

I think my excitement about all of this is mostly due to the fact that I’ve never ever had a snow day. I’m from Florida so snow days just didn’t happen. In fact, Florida is the only hold-out in this current snow invasion of the U.S. Apparently, there is snow in 49  states right now and Florida just had to be different. Anyway, back in high school I had a hurricane day or two, but it’s not the same. For one thing you don’t get to go out and play in a hurricane. Then I went to college in Chicago and Chicago doesn’t mess around with snow. As soon as that stuff falls they’re all over it and nothing ever gets cancelled. So this is my chance.

If tomorrow you read all about how many pages I got through in the two, yes two, books I’m juggling at the moment, you’ll know the snow triumphed and work was cancelled. But even in the much more realistic scenario that involves me going to work, I’m determined to enjoy the snOMG. And yes, that is my favorite of all the snowpocalypse/snowmageddon/snowricane concoctions, thanks for asking.


2 responses to “It Snowed in New York

  1. snOMG is pretty awesome. xo

  2. I like snOMG a lot too! We don’t have any of those cute nicknames in Chicago. Oh, wait, that’s probably because we’ve been trudging through gross snow every day for weeks. Did you know Denver/Colorado get an average of 300 days of sunshine a year? I want to go back there already…

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