The Thirteenth Tale Enters The Mix

The Thirteenth Tale audioFor those of you still anxiously waiting to hear if I had a snow day yesterday, I regret to inform you I did not. In fact, this “snOMG” was more an “OMG no snow.” Okay, yes it snowed. The news even reported something like nine inches. Not on my block, I’ll tell you that. What snow did fall managed to be plowed and tamed into submission immediately. Good job or something, New York City.

So, I did go to work and I did not spend the day reading. I am still in the middle of reading two books and made only minimal progress on one of them. Naturally, then, I decided to pile on another book while I’m at it. Now that I live in an even more convenient area of the city, I walk a lot. I figure I should use that walking time to be productive. I like audiobooks. I should listen to more audiobooks. And not just ones for work. Perhaps even ones on my mom’s list. Eureka!

Following this train of thought, I downloaded The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield onto my iPod last night. I’ve been wanting to read it for a long time, but all along I’d heard great things about the audio edition too. So I decided to heed the wise words of Nike, God of Sneakers, and just do it. Sure I’m already trying to tackle two books, but now I’ll have something to keep me company on my walk to work.

And why shouldn’t I have three plotlines mixing and mingling in my head at once? Sounds like a party.


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