Should I Hunger Games?

The Hunger GamesYou know, if “hunger games” was a verb and all.

To backtrack, last night I went to dinner with two friends from Northwestern. We were all thrown together in a mouse-infested apartment in New York on our mandatory magazine internships during our junior year. Ridiculousness ensued. Since then we’ve made a point to get together for dinner as often as possible. Besides having interesting jobs, even more interesting side projects, and an endless supply of funny stories, they both have opinions I really value particularly when it comes to the written word. So I was a little surprised when they started talking about The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

Of course, I’ve heard a ton of buzz about the series. It’s hugely successful and probably with good reason (unlike that Twilight thing), but it’s still aimed at young adults and I don’t read young adult books. I also don’t read science fiction or paranormal anything if I can avoid it. But here were two people who know a thing or two about entertaining writing talking excitedly about The Hunger Games. At more than one point I was forced to cover my ears so that they could discuss important plot points. I tried to assure them I wasn’t going to read the books so “earmuffs” weren’t really necessary, but that wasn’t an option. I was told I had to at least read the first one or two.

While the series is still nowhere near the top of my TBR pile, now I really feel like I have to. Damn that peer pressure. Anyone out there read them and can weigh in?


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