The Title Explained

CommaA Girl Becomes a Comma Like That. Wait, what? I’ve always thought of myself more as a parenthetical aside. Maybe even a semi-colon. A little mysterious, you know?

But what does that mean – A Girl Becomes a Comma Like That? Sometimes, figuring out a title is part of the fun of reading a book. The moment it becomes clear is sort of an aha! moment. But in this book, the explanation comes early. Of course, more context is surely to come, but for now at the very least the title has been expanded upon. The full quote is:

“A girl becomes a comma like that, with wrong boy after wrong boy; she becomes a pause, something quick before the real thing.”

I like it. I like it a lot. Maybe it’s the grammar nerd in me, but I love the way that it sounds. Though a girl probably does not like the way that it feels.


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