Another Reason To Hunger Games?

Kristin ChenowethAnd yes, I am still trying to make “hunger games” a verb.

The other day I mentioned that the Hunger Games series had been recommended to me, but I was still on the fence. Well, I just read that Kristin Chenoweth tweeted that she’s “obsessed” with the books. Of course, that news had the EW PopWatch blog gushing over how great it would be if Kristin played the role of Effie in Gary Ross’ big screen adaptation of Hunger Games. Since I haven’t read the books, I can’t weigh in on how great or not great Kristin fits the Effie character. I can say I kind of liked her in Glee. And I really liked her in Wicked. Sorry, I’d write more but I am busy listening to this again and again.

Anyway, all this is really just a tangent to say that if Kristin Chenoweth really is obsessed with the books and if she were to star in the movies then maybe I should read the books so I could feel better about seeing the movies. They’d be musicals, right?


3 responses to “Another Reason To Hunger Games?

  1. I do a great rendition of “popular.” xoxo

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  3. I just watched this video 5 times. Thanks for the distraction!

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