More Tumblring Around The Internet

TumblrI’m not even going to pretend that that title makes any sense.

But it is my way of saying that there’s even more of me to find on the interwebz these days. For the sake of being up on the digital trends, I’ve started a tumblr. Tumblr is a micro-blogging site that’s not so different from WordPress (what I use here), but makes it easier to do really short, quick posts, share links, post pictures, and all that jazz. So I’ve decided that I will try and keep Reading for Robin mostly about my mom, her list, and my personal adventures in reading. My tumblr (Sam I Am) is all the other fun, wacky, interesting mostly-book-related things I find on the Internet. The large majority of posts will direct you to a link I found too entertaining not too share. But my focus is still mainly on Reading for Robin so my Tumblring is sporadic at best.

However, what’s the newsworthy part of this post is that Andrew has converted. He is no longer just a blogging witness but a blogging participant! When I decided to tool around on Tumblr, he figured why not join in and Edelson Shmedelson was born. So if you’re interested in sports, cool new products, or pantsless subway rides, head on over to to check it out.

Luckily, we have different bloggings tastes otherwise things might get a little competitive over here (you should see our games of Bananagrams!). That’s not to say, of course, that I don’t enjoy a good pantsless subway ride story as much as the next guy. For the time being, though, I’ll stick with books and he’ll stick with things people actually care about.

I kid, I kid.


2 responses to “More Tumblring Around The Internet

  1. Blogging: Where I share my lame jokes and corny humor with thousands of people who don’t find it funny as opposed to the usual dozen or so in real life.

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