A Year Without My Mom

MomExactly one year ago today my mom died. Sometimes it feels like it just happened and sometimes it feels like it was ages ago.

In the past year, many exciting things have happened to me. I moved in with my boyfriend, I got promoted, I went to Europe for the first time and I was on the radio. I’m happy about it all, but it felt weird without my mom. I shared (almost) everything with her and, even though I have the good fortune of having so many amazing people in my life, it didn’t feel right not sharing these moments with her too. I miss her every single day… and I know I’m not alone in that. I miss her advice, I miss her kindness, I miss her laugh and the way she could crack up over the smallest moments (usually something unintentionally funny my dad did.)

This blog helps me feel connected to her. After finishing a book, I wonder what my mom would have thought of it. And I wonder if she would regret putting any of the books on the list knowing I would force myself to read them all. But while I may not know her reading opinions, I’m fairly sure she’d be proud (and embarrassed at all of the attention). She would probably read every post and email me constantly with feedback… and a lot of corrections for my typos.

I love you, Mom.


8 responses to “A Year Without My Mom

  1. blessings for you and all of yours , i lost my father when i was 22, i respect your feelings and the comments with the first year , i carried some guilt around as well for a time , one thing i have come to fully believe is this, we are spiritual beings doing the human thing , not humans searching for spirituality, and as such we will see them and feel there loving embrace yet again, personally i feel when humanity finishes changing perhaps even sooner, again blessings to you and yours i loved your post ty

  2. What a beautiful post Samantha, and absolutely no question Robin would be so proud of you and what you are doing with this blog. Her friends and acquaintances here in Florida (and even a few who did not know her personally) are looking forward to our Literary Evening remembering her and her love of reading next Wednesday.

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  4. samantha, that was a beautiful posting about mom, and i’m sure you know that she is missed by everyone down here in florida…i really miss those dozens of phone calls everyday…it seems like yesterday…and it seems like a terrible nightmare. i’m so happy that you are doing so well, and i wish you an even better year to come!

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