Social Buying Helps My Book Buying

GrouponReading doesn’t necessarily come cheap. And funding this project to read more than 50 books selected by my mom is no small task. Fortunately, my dad more than helps out in this regard (whether he always knows it or not).

However, so-called “social buying” sites have been pitching in lately. That would be your Groupons, your LivingSocials, your BloomSpots and the like. Not long ago, Andrew mentioned on his wildly popular blog Edelson Shmedelson that LivingSocial was offering a $20 gift certificate to Amazon for only $10.Β  That deal was purchased by 1,157,206 people… yours truly included.

Now, in a very similar move, Groupon is offering up a $10 coupon that will get you $20 worth of merchandise at Barnes and Noble (in store or online). At the moment the deal seems to have been mostly promoted to its Chicago subscriber base, but so far 24,062 have bought it and there are still 4 days left. Once I’m no longer too lazy to get off the couch and get my wallet, I will be joining the masses in this purchase.

I just can’t pass up a good book deal. Groupon, LivingSocial, my dad thanks you.


2 responses to “Social Buying Helps My Book Buying

  1. I was a book buyer, until I ran out of space. Now I pre-order from our library πŸ™‚

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