Next Up: Family Album

Back in December I told you all about how I had bought Family Album by Penelope Lively from Barnes and Noble without realizing that it was on my list.

Now, two months and three trips later, I’m ready to swap my Kindle for a real, live paperback book. I’m excited to read a book I’ve heard such good things about and, even though it’s on my mom’s list, it’s something I picked out myself too.

The back of the book reads:

“All Alison ever wanted was to provide her six children with a blissful childhood–to the point of obsession. While her scholarly husband, Charles, holed up in his study, Alison and Ingrid, the family au pair, transformed their shabby Edwardian mansion into a storybook image of perfection. But when Alison’s children return home as adults, family mysteries begin to unravel and they are left to confront the difficult truths and long-held secrets that have shaped their lives.”

What has me even more excited is what else can be found on the back of the book. And that’s such strong quotes as:

“Evocative, accomplished, indulgently readable.” – The Miami Herald

“[An] almost flawless work of fiction…Once again, Lively has written an enjoyable, compassionate and powerful novel.” – Minneapolis Star Tribune

“In [Lively’s] haunting new novel…the act of forgetting is as strange and interesting as the power of remembering.” – The New York Times Book Review

“Brilliant, full of glancing humor and spot-on truths about the way families maintain the peace through a process of willful ignorance and disciplined forgetfulness.” – The Washington Post

I know, I know, quotes aren’t everything and reviewers can be wrong, but these are some impressive accolades. Now let’s see if it lives up to the praise…


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