Tonight My Mom Gets Honored

After two months of me talking about it, tonight is finally the literary event at my synagogue celebrating my mom. The temple’s Sisterhood, Book Club, and Library came together to host a wonderful book club discussion in my mom’s honor. They’ll be discussing Swimming Toward the Ocean, which was picked from my mom’s list , and I read it in anticipation of the event. It may not have been my favorite book, but it should still be a really nice get-together that I’m a little sad I’m missing. I’m sure my dad will fill me in and I’ll use his account to fill all of you in. So let’s hope he remembers the important details.


4 responses to “Tonight My Mom Gets Honored

  1. Hi Samantha,

    I’m leading the book review & chose Swimming toward the Ocean from the list I found on your blog. The title was intriguing & it fit the parameters that Sisterhood requested. I did enjoy the book & have been in contact with the author. I would like to share some of our conversation with you sometime.
    I’m a fan of your blog & would love to meet you the next time you come to Parkland.

    Marian Cohen

    • Hi Marian,

      I didn’t dislike the book, it just wasn’t my favorite but I can see how it would work well for the temple discussion. I’m interested in hearing more about how it went.

  2. I would like to share a bit about the literary event we had honoring your mom, not to take the thunder away from your dad, but hey, a woman’s perspective….
    We had 60 people, coming from different places and for different reasons. Some did not know Robin, but are readers and found a common ground right there. Others didn’t even read the book, but wanted to come for your dad. It was young and old and everything in between – a great group. Your dad spoke beautifully about your mom – how she would not have wanted all this fuss – and how she always wanted to be helpful to others.
    Our discussion of Swimming Toward the Ocean, lead by Marian Cohen, was a spirited one. The first comment was something like this: “I hadn’t read the book, so I read the whole thing last night – and I couldn’t believe it – it was exactly like my family!” Later, in discussing the characters, we became a bit polarized as the men in the group had empathy for the unfaithful male players, while the women sided with Chenia and somehow understood her infidelity.
    Marian shared some telling insights based on her conversations with Carole Glickfeld, author of Swimming toward the Ocean.
    We read aloud your review of the book as well as your post from last Wednesday.
    Later people toured our small library, the one Robin helped to get started. It was a lovely tribute to a lovely lady.

    • Thank you for sharing! That’s a lot more detail than my dad gave me anyway. It sounds like a really nice event that brought a lot of people together. And while it honored my mom it just as much honored books which she would have liked. Thanks for your help in organizing it.

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