A Whole Year of Blogging

BlogToday marks exactly one year of me blogging here on Reading for Robin. Even though it hasn’t always been easy and the posts haven’t always been the most enlightening, it’s been a great experience and hopefully a great tribute to my mom. I appreciate all of you sticking around for the ride, even when I’m stretching things like Diane Keaton’s possible TV show pilot into something at all relevant.

So, on my blogiversary, let’s look at what my year playing on the Internets has been like:

  • This is my 280th post
  • There have been 433 approved comments (my own comments included)
  • 32 of you have subscribed to receive the blog as an email
  • Reading for Robin has received 16,188 total views so far

It’s crazy to think so many people have read the words I type while sitting on my couch with How I Met Your Mother on in the background. Thank you!


3 responses to “A Whole Year of Blogging


  2. Happy blogiversary! I love that term. xoxo

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