The Addams Family Encourages Reading

Addams FamilyLast night, I saw The Addams Family musical with Andrew and his parents who are in town, and wouldn’t you know it, they gave books a shout-out. (Okay, I’m not always thinking about books but when it’s late and I know I haven’t blogged yet, I’m open to ideas from wherever they may come.)

The scene in question went a little something like this:

Grandma: One sip of this will turn Mary Poppins into Madea.

Pugsley: I don’t understand your references!

Grandma: Then stop the damn texting and pick up a book once in a while!

I’m more of a bbm kind of girl, but I get the drift. Reading is educational, entertaining… and helps you understand what people are talking about. The Addams Family — so wise.

On a side note, The Addams Family is also relevant because the book I’m almost done with is about a grim reaper. Grim reapers and The Addams Family seem to go hand in hand. Then again, the grim reaper I’m reading about is a hot woman with a snarky sense of humor, so maybe not so Addams Family after all.


2 responses to “The Addams Family Encourages Reading

  1. Question is, was the musical better than the movies?

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