Saying Goodbye to Borders

Borders ClosingLast week, Borders filed for bankruptcy and announced that it will be closing 200 of its stores across the country. From what I’ve heard, only one Borders will remain open in New York City and it is not the one I frequent.

So, in addition to honoring the presidents this past weekend, I also honored Borders by visiting one of the closing stores not once but twice. Okay, so I mostly went to accompany people who had to use up their Borders’ gift certificates before it was too late. But I love bookstores and, even though I’ve always been a Barnes & Noble kind of girl, I’m sad to see Borders go. It’s bad for the publishing industry and it’s bad for book lovers. As convenient as it is to order books online, and I certainly do it plenty, there is no replacement for walking around a store and discovering new books that way.

So, farewell Kips Bay Borders, and best of luck to the surviving Borders.


One response to “Saying Goodbye to Borders

  1. I learn so much from your blog. I wonder what is going to go into the Borders near me. 😦

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