Bloodroot Makes The Tournament of Books

Every March, there’s this little thing called March Madness involving basketball games or some such and Andrew gets pretty into it. Well, this year I may have found my own “madness” to be a part of. I seem to have stumbled across The Tournament of Books, which every spring pits celebrated books from the previous calendar year against each other in head-to-head match-ups until one book emerges victorious winning the title of The Rooster, Champion Book of the Year. No, I don’t know why it’s called The Rooster, but then again I just found out about this tournament yesterday, so please excuse me if I don’t know all of the details yet.

You can see a larger, more readable version of the bracket by clicking here. And when you look, you’ll realize there are some pretty great books in the mix. Of the 16, I’ve only read three – Freedom, Room, and Skippy Dies – but I really liked them. Plus, there are at least a few more in the tournament that I’ve been meaning to read. In fact, one of them is on my mom’s list so it’s definitely in the queue. That would be Bloodroot and it’s up against The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, which I’ve heard a lot about. This specific showdown takes place March 17 so I will keep you all posted if you don’t follow along yourself.

I’ve never read either book, but I feel like I should be rooting for anything having to do with my mom’s list. So, while Andrew’s anxiously following whatever teams are in March Madness, I’ll be keeping up with these books (not to be confused with the more basketball-related bookies).


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