Chelsea Handler’s Book Heading To TV

Are You There Vodka?Good news… I finished the two work-related books I was reading and still managed to have some idea of what was going on when I picked up Family Album again. In fact, I’ve made good progress in the book and hope to be able to talk about actual literature here soon enough.

In the meantime, Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea it is. While this is a real book, literature it isn’t. But I shouldn’t mock, I actually found the late night talk show host’s collection of humorous autobiographical essays to be quite entertaining when I read it a few years ago. I’m not sure it would have ever made my mom’s list, but she was probably not Chelsea Handler’s target audience anyway.

As for Vodka? (this is what I’m abbreviating it to, okay?), I just discovered that it will soon be turned into a TV pilot. That ’70s Show‘s Laura Prepon will play Chelsea Handler, or should I say Chelsea Hanson, a younger version of the comedienne who is “a single cocktail waitress who is highly opinionated and open about her love of sex and alcohol.” Sounds accurate enough.

Now will it work? To be determined. I’ll certainly be interested to see how it translates from a book full of short, wild stories to a drawn out network television show.


One response to “Chelsea Handler’s Book Heading To TV

  1. love it!

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