Thinking of My Grandpa Marty

My Grandpa Marty passed away the other day. He was 90 years old and so had lived a long life. With him, though, goes most of my mother’s side of the family.

But instead of dwelling on the sadness, I’d rather celebrate the good. My grandpa didn’t like a lot of things, but he did love his family. Other favorites included chocolate donuts, music, hotdogs, and watching sports. He also, no surprise, had a fondness for books. That’s probably at least partially where my mom got it from. While I’m sure we didn’t have the same taste in genres (my grandpa was very picky… about everything), we did both like a good book. And, in fact, my grandpa was waiting to read one book in particular… mine! Back in November, he told me he wanted to live long enough to see me write a book. Unfortunately I couldn’t provide that for him, but maybe one day.

Grandpa, you will be missed.

4 responses to “Thinking of My Grandpa Marty

  1. Samantha, Dad called me yesterday with the sad news. So sorry. I got such a kick out of Marty. I loved his dry sense of humor and his witty curmudgeonliness (if that’s a word – the spell-check doesn’t seem to think so!)
    I will see you on Sunday. Love, Jill

  2. samantha, you have said it all in a few loving sentences. marty will be missed by you all, and you will have great memories of “nanny and poppy two weeks”….
    love, beth

  3. Diane Silverstein

    I am so sorry to hear (or read) about your grandfather passing away. Even when they reach an older age, loosing a loved one is never easy. Marty was quite a character and your memories will always be with you to give you a smile.

    All our best,
    Diane and Leon, Marnie, Alissa and Jake

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