Northwestern University Gets a Shout-Out

Northwestern UniversityI went to Northwestern and I’m usually thrilled when the school gets some attention. However, Northwestern has been in the news lately and it’s not been for the best reasons. If you don’t know, I probably shouldn’t tell you. In the midst of this media, it was extra nice to see Northwestern get a legitimate literary shout-out.

I had just started The Wednesday Sisters when the words Northwestern University jumped out at me. One of the Wednesday Sisters’ husbands had went to the engineering school there. It’s not a lot, at least not so far, but I do love when Northwestern gets mentioned in books. A few months ago I read Await Your Reply and one of the characters went to Northwestern too. Okay, so he dropped out in the first few pages, but still! He lived in my dorm! Neat!

It’s the little things that excite me I guess.

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