Memoirs, Memoirs, Memoirs… Part 2

The Bill From My FatherThe other day I was casually looking over the list when I noticed a commonality among the books that are left. There are so many memoirs!

I called this post “Memoirs, Memoirs, Memoirs… Part 2” because I wrote a post titled “Memoirs, Memoirs, Memoirs” in April. Back then, I had just come back from a talk on memoirs and they were on my mind. I go through phases where I read a lot of memoirs and my mom recommended many to me, including Mindy Karr’s which I mentioned in that post.

Turns out she’s still recommending them to me. There is actually a memoir block right in the middle of my mom’s list. From The Tender Bar to Baby Love, it’s all memoirs. That’s 8 straight memoirs in a row. On top of those, I’ve already read a handful from elsewhere on the list. I guess I didn’t realize quite how much my mom liked the genre.

Looks like as the list gets whittled down things are going to get really real in my reading. I feel like I’m on The Real World here where people stop being polite and start getting real.

(Also, is this some kind of record for how many times the word “memoir” can be used in one blog post?)


2 responses to “Memoirs, Memoirs, Memoirs… Part 2

  1. memoirs, memoirs memoirs…the word has lost all meaning

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