A Review of The Wednesday Sisters

The Wednesday SistersFor my complete thoughts on The Wednesday Sisters, you’ll have to be at book club next Tuesday. In the meantime, I’ll say this: I liked The Wednesday Sisters more than I thought I would.

Based on the description alone, I had the impression this book would be a little “light.” It’s about a group of women who meet at the playground with their children and become friends. During their weekly meetings they decided to each start writing and see where it takes them.

And in the beginning it did seem a little light, particularly when I still couldn’t tell the Wednesday Sisters apart. Which is the outspoken one again? Which is the southern belle? And so forth. I got the impression that each of the women is a “token” character meant to play out a stereotype. It looked like it would be a predictable book.

But then I got into the book. Yes, it is a little predictable, but that’s okay. The characters become more clearly defined and interesting. And while the book is ostensibly about five mothers who become friends at the playground, it’s also an interesting and revealing look at the times. The reader gets to see the racism, politics, space developments and women’s rights movement play out both in the background and, sometimes, in the foreground. As someone who wasn’t alive in the 1960s, I got to see these monumental events from an individual’s perspective.

More generally, I love reading and writing and appreciate a book that celebrates those things.


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