That Time I Read a Book In 24 Hours

RaptureThat time I read a book in 24 hours was this past weekend. That book was Rapture by Susan Minot.

My mom simply had Susan Minot’s name on her list, leaving me to pick the specific title. The only Minot title I recognized was Evening. For whatever reason, the fact that there is a movie based on the book that I can’t remember if I’ve seen parts of while flipping the channels on TV made me not want to read it.

Instead I went for Rapture. The speed with which I read it should not be taken for an infatuation that drove me to read it feverishly. The speed has everything to do with the fact that the book is a mere 128 pages. It’s more novella than novel. This is pretty much why I picked Rapture in the first place. (The best part of reading a 128 page book on my Kindle is that almost every time I turned the page my progress increased by 1%. It’s so satisfying.)

The book is described as such:

Using a single interlude–a brief encounter of old lovers; two bodies entwined on a bed at midday–Minot defines the distance that erupts at what seems to be the height of connection, as well as the extent to which the senses deceive, and the intensely private eroticism of fantasy and the imagination. Minot’s lovers are mesmerizing in their individual journeys–one moving toward a kind of holy consummation, the other toward abnegation and blank despair. This is the wayward history of their efforts to make contact with each other while deluding themselves about the nature of the contact they’re making. Graphic, erotic, provocative, Rapture is a meditation on romantic love, sex, and their reflections in the life of the mind.

So yes maybe it was an odd choice of reading material for me, it being outside of my typical preferences. But did I mention it was only 128 pages?

The book takes place entirely during a sex act between Kay and Benjamin during which both reflect on their rocky affair up until this point. The purpose seems to be to show how one relationship can be viewed so differently based on the perspective.

As this was a book picked sort of off my mom’s list, I couldn’t stop thinking about how I did not want to think about my mom reading this book. For more explanation, re-read the official description as well as mine above.

Not that I was shocked. It was not particularly scandalizing. And, despite how quickly I got through it, not something I particularly enjoyed. For being a brief 128 pages, it rambled. The characters thoughts wandered and went over the same issues over and over again. There was little to no dialogue (a definite Robin no-no), I didn’t find the characters that interesting, and nothing really came together.

I’m not someone who craves a lot of action, but maybe I just needed something more to happen.


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  1. I’m blushing just reading your post!

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