The Chosen One Gets Recommended

The Chosen OneLast night, Maggie and Stephanie hosted book club. Not only did we eat delicious breakfast for dinner, but we also squeezed in some discussion of The Wednesday Sisters. Most felt, as I did, that the story was a little predictable. However, we liked how relatable  the characters are and got more into the story as it went along. A few people confessed to crying. I was not one of those people, but that’s just me.

After we wrapped up our Wednesday Sisters conversation, we moved on to summer plans, eBay auctions and the book Stacy had just read that she thought she probably borrowed from me. It turned out to be Carol Lynch Williams’ The Chosen One, which is on my mom’s list, and she did borrow it from me, though I haven’t read it yet.

It’s a young adult novel that follows 13-year-old Kyra who has been raised in an isolated polygamist cult. Stacy really liked it and was fascinated by a culture so different from ours. That led to a discussion about Sister Wives and eventually ended with a little harmless gossip. All in a day’s work for book club.

Lessons learned: Book club rarely stays on topic and I should look forward to The Chosen One.


5 responses to “The Chosen One Gets Recommended

  1. hi! love reading your posts. here’s a great one for your list…Susan Henderson’s -Up From The Blue. just terrific!!

  2. i am lucky to have you as a friend AND library! i can’t decide if i read the chosen one in one train ride because i was so intrigued by the subject or because it was written for people ten years younger than me…either way i am excited for you to read it so we can discuss, i have so many questions and comments!!

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