A Night With Meg Wolitzer, Mary Gordon, and Reading With Robin

Meg WolitzerIf you’ll remember, back in December, I was on a radio show called Reading With Robin. Ever since, I’ve stayed in touch with the host Robin Kall and you can often find her commenting here. We’d spoken of meeting and the day finally came that she was in New York. So since we are both quite book-ish, Robin invited me to join her at a Barnes and Noble event for authors Meg Wolitzer and Mary Gordon last night.

Each author read from their most recent book: Gordon’s The Love of My Youth and Wolitzer’s The Uncoupling. If Meg Wolitzer’s name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you are a dedicated reader of Reading For Robin (I’m pretty sure I’ve used this line before). Wolitzer also wrote The Ten Year Nap, which is on my mom’s list and I read last April. While I thought The Ten Year Nap was perfectly good, I could tell I was not its target demographic. However, The Uncoupling appeals to me more and no, not just because it focuses on sex. This new novel is about a spell that comes over a town, where the high school is putting on the play Lysistrata, causing the women to stop wanting to have sex with the men in their lives.

Wolitzer read a funny passage from the book and her humor carried over into the Q and A session. She’s an author I could be friends with. And yes, as she said during the presentation too, I did just end that sentence with a preposition.

Anyway, all in all it was a lovely literary evening of meeting new people, meeting people who I knew only through email and radio, and meeting (or at least seeing) people who I knew only through books.


2 responses to “A Night With Meg Wolitzer, Mary Gordon, and Reading With Robin

  1. Hi! Great meeting you last night through our love of books!The offer to wake up and chat is always open to you -saturday mornings! Am chatting The Weird Sisters this saturday with Eleanor Brown…

    • Thanks Robin. So great meeting you too! And I really liked The Weird Sisters. Now if I could get myself up that early on a Saturday…

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