A Message From Carol Lynch Williams

One of the coolest parts of having this blog is the people that have gotten in touch because of it: lots of friends and family, the host of a radio show, and a few authors.

I’ve heard from authors Sally Koslow, Michelle Richmond, and most, recently, Carol Lynch Williams. Carol Lynch Williams is the author of The Chosen One, which is on my mom’s list. And while I haven’t read it yet, Stacy liked it so I’m confident I will too.

To be accurate, Carol Lynch Williams didn’t get in touch with me herself but rather through Laura Williams. Laura told me about a conference that Carol is involved with and asked me to pass that information along to all of you. While the conference, Writing & Illustrating for Young Readers, probably does not pertain to most of you, I figure it never hurts to share the information. So here goes:

Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers
June 13-17, 2001, Sandy UT

For the last 12 years, I’ve been involved with an amazing week-long writing conference that takes place every June in Utah. This conference is quite unique here in the western part of the United States. It offers a small critique-group setting for unpublished writers. Writers the opportunity to work for 20 plus hours on their writing and publishing skills. As well, attendees get to meet in classroom-type settings to work on craft with any number of published writers, illustrators, publishers and agents. They have the chance to submit work to publishing houses for up to a year after the conference adjourns. Being able to meet with professional authors, agents, editors, improve participants writing and illustrating, perfect their craft, possibly publish and improve in an intimate social setting are just a few of the goals that this conference strives to give attendees.

As conference organizers, our goal is to help attendees learn all they can about publishing for children and young adults. As well, I hope that participants learn the craft of writing and illustrating for children, learn what is considered good, strong writing for children, and work toward publishing excellent books for young readers. That people can continue to hone their skills because of they learned while at the Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers—after participants have left and are writing on their own, is another expected learning outcome.

Below are a few of the classes that still have openings left. As well, there short bios of our agent and editors. Feel free to look over the website (www.wifyr.com) or send me any questions you might have about the conference at (writingforyoungreaders@gmail.com).

Most sincerely,

Carol Lynch Williams


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