Questioning My Mom’s Choices

The Chosen OneNow that the first two nights of Passover are behind me, I’m ready to move on from reading the Haggadah to reading novels again.

But as I get to The Chosen One, a young adult book about a polygamous cult, I can’t help but wonder (please pardon my Carrie Bradshaw moment) why my mom had this on her list. That’s not an indictment of the book at all – I haven’t even started it so I don’t have an opinion yet. It’s just that with many of the books on the list, I can sort of see my mom’s reasoning. There are authors she read before, genres she enjoyed, and the like. But my mom was not a Twihard or a Potterhead. As far as I know, she really didn’t read much young adult at all. So why The Chosen One? (And why King Dork as well?)

I’m sad I’ll never get to ask my mom why she picked the books she did, but I’m glad I can get this little peek into her reading choices.


2 responses to “Questioning My Mom’s Choices

  1. happy passover to you. i,too,wonder about certain things i can never ask and then i realize that i probably do know somewhere in there. perhaps someone gave your mom that title and she wrote it down to be polite? if you read it you may find out….xo

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