The State of the List

State of the ListYesterday I mentioned being in a bit of a reading rut, which made me step back and take a look at my progress. Turns out I’m just over halfway through my mom’s list! When did that happen?

If I counted correctly, there are a total of 58 books on the list and I’ve read 32 of them. It’s taken me a little over a year to get here, though, so there could be another year left. But, as much as I speak of this “rut,” I’m nowhere near being tired of the project. So I’ve read the books that excited me the most already. I’m sure as I read the others I will discover new books that I would never have read but discover I love.

And, all of the books aside, what’s most important to me is how reading from my mom’s list lets me feel connected to her. Now, if we could only discuss the choices…

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