Why I Like Jonathan Tropper

Jonathan TropperFriday I said that I was starting Jonathan Tropper’s The Book of Joe and, as of writing this post, I’m almost done with it. In fact, I considered skipped out on blogging so I could finish it.

This is my second Jonathan Tropper novel and, just as with the first one I read, I’m really into it. I love the way he can write about sad events with a humorous voice and always throws in a few odd twists.

His writing is the way I would love to write if and when I ever get motivated to write anything besides this blog. I mean, I just read the acknowledgments and for some reason they make me like Jonathan even more. Of course none of his books are without flaw. The two books I’ve read have been very similar and the little bit I know about How To Talk To a Widower makes it seem like it doesn’t deviate too much. Still, his tone is great and I really enjoy reading his books.

I’d say more, but I really want to wrap it up here so I can finish the book. Then onto Lush Life! But somewhere down the line I will be reading Jonathan’s other books: How to Talk To a Widower, Everything Changes, and Plan B. Oh, and I just found out that This Is Where I Leave You is being adapted as a feature film. Nice!


2 responses to “Why I Like Jonathan Tropper

  1. I,too,am a huge tropper fan!! so happy to hear this is where i leave you will be a film!laughing already! he and laura dave are speaking on the 23rd at the corner bookstore. i’ll be away or i’d be there…

    • I’m hoping the movie actually gets made. And I will have to keep an eye out for next time Jonathan has an event in New York. I’d love to see him.

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