Looking Forward To The Help Movie Way Too Early

The Help MovieI’m in that weird in-between-books stage where I don’t want to completely let go of the last book and I’m not ready yet for the commitment of a new book. So, what passed for reading yesterday was flipping through a People magazine with a royal wedding photo on the cover.

Once I could tear my eyes away from even more Will and Kate coverage, I noticed an ad. I rarely notice ads but this one had the words “The Help” nice and large.

My first thought was isn’t it way too early to be advertising a movie that comes out in August? My second thought was dates shmates, who cares, I’m excited! The Help movie is just over three months away!


5 responses to “Looking Forward To The Help Movie Way Too Early

  1. just love your posts!! i,too,am excited for THE HELP -the movie!! and i know that space of not wanting to pick up the next book -not quite yet…what’s the next one on your list?

  2. I can’t wait for this to come out! xo

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