More Bossypants Goodness

Tina Fey Bust MagazineSo who’s sick of hearing about the Bossypants audiobook?

I didn’t hear anything so I’m assuming that means no one!

Which is good because yesterday when I was going through my Google Reader I noticed a blog I follow called Baby Got Books linked to a cover of Bust magazine with Tina Fey on the cover (please see image to the right). I quickly realized this was not a recent issue (the file name tina-fey-bust-spring-2004-cover.jpg was my first hint) and that the blog was mostly excited about the sub head “Baby Got Book” that is so similar to their blog name. I was mostly excited because it gave me another excuse to post about Tina Fey. I mean one of the sub heads is “Very Freaky Girls: women of the early circus.” I feel like, despite the fact that that article has nothing to do with Tina Fey, it is just so Tina Fey.

I know that because I know a lot about Tina Fey now. And if you’re a friend, relative, or the person who lives with me and has to listen to me talk all the time, then you probably know a lot about Tina Fey now too. Almost everyday that I’ve listened to the Bossypants audio, I’ve come home with a fun tidbit about her. Lucky, Andrew.

Tina went to UVA. As did my brother so naturally he needed to know all about this chapter. Tina worked at the YMCA in Evanston. Many of my friends and I went to Northwestern… which is in Evanston! You would be surprised about how much other Bossypants material can be worked into a conversation. Then again if you are one of my friends, relatives or the person who lives with me and has to hear me talk all the time, you would no longer be that surprised.

So the point of this now rambling post is mostly to say that I am still listening to Bossypants, still really liking Bossypants, and still very sorry that I can’t stop mentioning it. I hope apology accepted.

UPDATED: Shortly after writing this post, I, of course, started listening to Bossypants again and Tina mentions this Bust magazine cover. Whoa!


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