Fun With PowerPoints and Jennifer Egan

PowerPointSo you probably thought I wrapped up the discussion on A Visit From The Goon Squad yesterday, but you were wrong.

Today I read two more interviews with Jennifer Egan and found a fun tidbit about PowerPoint to share with you all. You see, there’s a whole chapter written in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. One would think, then, that Egan had a thing for the technology.

Not so.

From the Shelf-Awareness interview:

Back then, Egan didn’t even know that PowerPoint was software, didn’t have it on her computer–and tried to concoct the chapter’s first draft by hand. “That was a monster,” she said. “I was literally drawing rectangles on yellow legal pads and thinking I was ‘doing PowerPoint.’ Finally, I asked my sister, who is a consultant, to help me, and got entranced by the jargon, by the names of the slides, like ‘waterfall chart’ and ‘bubble chart.’ ” Finally, just before the book was finished, Egan purchased the PowerPoint software and went for it. What happened then changed her book.

I love that she didn’t even have PowerPoint when she first tried to create her PowerPoint chapter. It makes no sense and it is great.

And that’s today’s Fun With PowerPoints and Jennifer Egan.


One response to “Fun With PowerPoints and Jennifer Egan

  1. The many applications of Microsoft Office are my bread and butter. Excel, Word, PowerPoint, they are the lifeline of engineering.

    Heck, I even use PP to make illustrations in.

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