WTF: Scrabble Adds Street Slang

WTF ScrabbleWhile not exactly reading, Scrabble was another Beerman family hobby. My friends may think of me as an expert (“What? Me? No!” she said humbly), but the true gurus were my parents.

However, the  Collins Official Scrabble Words has updated its dictionary with some entries that would not fly in the Beerman household. According to the Telegraph, “Street slang including thang, innit and grrl along with words from the internet such as Wiki and Myspace have been added to an ”official” reference for Scrabble players.”

Now I’m not sure if this is just a British thing or if these are internationally accepted additions, but either way it’s just wrong. My mom would would have been horrified if I used “thang” or “grrl.” My dad probably doesn’t even know what MySpace is (I kid, I kid… I think). And they aren’t even high scoring plays.

Oh Scrabble, stop trying to be cool and just let us word nerds be word nerds.

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