A Review of Lush Life

Lush LifeI’m back in New York (for now) after a weekend of fun graduation festivities. There are now two Dr. Beermans in the family! Congrats, Adam!

Almost as impressive is the fact that I finished Richard Price’s Lush Life this weekend. Okay, maybe a little less impressive. But it did take me quite a while.

As I explained last week, it didn’t necessarily take me so long to read Lush Life because it isn’t good. I think it probably is. It’s just not my type of book. The story starts with a shooting on the Lower East Side and follows the aftermath. The reader knows who the shooter is but watches as the events unfold from the perspective of the witness, the shooter, the police, the victim’s family and more.

The book is well written and Price does an excellent job creating an three dimensional portrait of the Lower East Side. My problem was just that it was slow going. And when I was so busy that I only have 10-15 minutes at a time to read, it didn’t grab me. Which led me not to find more time to read.

But the train did the trick. And I’m happy I finished. I ended up liking it more than I thought I would. Just not my usual choice and not my mom’s usual choice so an interesting read.


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