Vote For Andrew’s Audiobook Video!

This is the blog post in which I beg you to please vote for Andrew’s video. See, Andrew entered the Audio Publishers Association’s Get Caught Listening contest. Participants were asked to create an original video that promotes audiobooks, and Andrew’s video made the top 10. Now it’s up to voters to select the winner. And the winner gets $5,000. We could use $5,000 (who couldn’t?).

To vote, you’ll need to go to the video’s YouTube page. Here, let me help you with that… click here. Once there, just click the thumbs up under the video to like it and thus cast a vote! However, in order for your vote to count, you must be logged into a YouTube account. If you don’t have an account already, it’s pretty easy to create one, or I believe you can log-in using your Google account.

Anyway, I’m going to thank you all in advance for helping! And if you must see the other videos to be sure Andrew’s is the best (it is), you can view them all here.

Thank you! Thank you! We will be sure to remember you all when Andrew’s a world famous audiobook commercial actor and I am his trophy girlfriend.


One response to “Vote For Andrew’s Audiobook Video!

  1. Trophy girlfriend…that is right.

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