Next Up: Split

SplitOnce I finish The Irresistible Henry House (almost there!), it’s back to a book from my mom’s list. This time, I’ll be reading Split by Suzanne Finnamore.

How, pray tell, did I choose this book from the ones left?

Answer: Pretty randomly.

I used two criteria in looking for my next pick:

  1. It had to be short. I’m not one who usually avoids long books, but I have a trip to Montauk coming up and I’d really like to spend it reading Hunger Games. Which means I have to finish this other book relatively quickly.
  2. It had to be available on Kindle because I wanted it to be easily portable in case I don’t finish it before Montauk and thus have to bring it along.

And there you have it, a look into my selection process. Fascinating, eh?

Anyway, the subtitle of Split is “A Memoir of Divorce” so I feel like that pretty much says it all.


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