A Friday Question: Seasonal Reading?

Reading on the beachToday is Friday (finally), I’m in the middle of a previously discussed book and audiobook, and I feel like I really have nothing new to report. But the blog must go on! And that’s where you fine readers come into play.

It’s summer and the media makes much of this concept of “beach reading.” Summer books, much like summer movies, seem to be portrayed as best when lighter, faster, more action-packed and frothy fun. But is this characteristic accurate? Tell me, do you choose different books during the summer months? Are they lighter, faster, more action-packed and frothy fun?

For me, the season does not really affect my reading selection. With summer travel, I suppose I often have time to read more during these months, but the genres remain the same. Maybe that’s because I like to vary my reading year round. If I read a serious book or two in a row, I’m ready for something less heavy. A memoir is often followed by more plot-driven fiction. And so forth. Or that’s at least how I like it to be.

Now, your turn. Do you have specific summer reading or just regular reading you do during the summer?

(P.S. While I am not preoccupied with summer books, I am into summer clothing. And right now I’m craving a wide-brimmed hat like the one in the picture. Maggie, I know you love to share.)


2 responses to “A Friday Question: Seasonal Reading?

  1. Don’t fret, I am happy to share with you. xo

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