Montauk Monster, Here We Come!

MontaukI’m bidding all you lovely Reading for Robin readers an early Happy Weekend for I’m off to Montauk. Yes, for the next three days, it will be 12 girls, 3 hotel rooms, and plenty of beach. I feel like this may be a reality show in the making. I feel like I may have made the same joke last year when we went to Fire Island.

On this wonderful vacation of mine, I will be engaging in some real guilty pleasure reading (and not just because it’s summer, okay?). Let the Hunger Games begin! I’m excited to finally take on this series everyone has raved about and see if my many, many friends who recommended it were right. Naturally, I’ll be reporting back here.

While I’m gone, have fun! And wish us good weather, please!

(By the way, this post’s headline references a crazy hubbub that I ended up covering a few years ago on a Blog That Shall Not Be Named. If you want more info, here’s where the story all began. Readers beware, it’s not pretty.)


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