Lots of Fun and Not Lots of Reading

Hunger GamesMy posts are getting so predictable these days, huh? I bet you can guess that this one’s about being back from vacation and all that I read. Well, if you noticed the headline, you could probably guess that “all that I read” is not all that much after all.

But let’s rewind a second. I returned from Montauk last night a little sandy, a little red, but a lot happy with the good time I had. Then I remembered I had to unpack and I got a little less happy. And speaking of packing and unpacking, way back on Wednesday when I had to pack, I debated which books to bring. I definitely wanted to read Hunger Games, but should I throw something else into the bag? Maybe just my Kindle?

However, in the interest of packing light (a first for me), I went with just Hunger Games. I figured with 11 other girls on the trip with me there would be a book to borrow if need be. Well, with 11 other girls on the trip with me, there may have been a few distractions keeping me from reading and needing that extra book. No complaints here.

I’m currently getting into Hunger Games and excited to read more (though not yet obsessed like everyone else). I hope everyone else had a good weekend too!


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