Princess Di Brought Back To Life

Untold StoryWhen Princess Diana died I was 11. I remember watching the news vigilantly as they went over every single detail of her death. I was heartbroken though at the time I’m sure I knew very little about her.

Fast forward 14 years to a vacation with my dad and brother to London and Paris. There are so many things Diana-related to see (the carriage she rode in at her wedding, the hotel she last stayed in, etc.) and I am fascinated by it all.

And let’s not even start with how interested I was in the royal wedding. Diana’s son all grown up and marrying!

So what does this all have to do with anything? Well, not much but there’s a new book out called Untold Story by Monica Ali. The novel answers the question, “What if Diana hadn’t died.” Ali has Diana faking her own death and escaping to the Midwest where she lives a new life with no connections to her old royal existence.

The New York Times has talked about it. So has NPR. Entertainment Weekly too. And why shouldn’t they… it’s quite the interesting premise, yes?

However, it sort of just creeps me out. What must her family think? How must her children feel? Her death may have been more than a decade ago, but it still feels too soon. Feel free to tell me I’m wrong. I probably won’t read it so I’ll never know for sure.


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