My Other Reading Obsession

Betty Crocker CookbookOkay, so some may not consider this reading, per se. But a lesser known fact about me is that I love reading recipes. This is perhaps not a lesser known fact to Andrew who is often on the receiving end of my gchats that proclaim “Doesn’t this look good??” or “We should make this!”

Oddly enough this love of reading recipes does not necessarily translate into a love of cooking. Sure, I like cooking. But I don’t love  it quite like I love discovering new recipes. And of these new dishes, a vast majority never end up in my kitchen. But that doesn’t stop me from seeking out food blogs and fun concoctions on a daily basis. (Smitten Kitchen, I’m looking at you, among many others).

So if you know of any other food websites I should be reading and also not cooking from, send them my way. And I will inevitably send them Andrew’s way. At the same time, I promise to not let them distract me too much from actual reading.


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