A Mid-Year Check-In

By the time July rolls around, most people have long forgotten their New Year’s resolutions. Not me. Okay, yes me, but then I remembered them again and decided to see how I’m faring so far.

As a reminder, my reading resolutions are:

  1. Read/listen to more of my company’s books
  2. Read more non-memoir non-fiction
  3. Finish my mom’s list
  4. Beat this year’s reading total

Apparently, I’m not doing so well. Here’s where I’m at:

  1. I’m not so far off on this one and I’ve got a few books on the Kindle that I will read soon.
  2. Did I say I’d read non-memoir non-fiction? Whoops… I obviously meant read lots of fiction and memoirs. Okay, I still do want to read some good non-fiction and I still have Packing for Mars and The Emperor of All Maladies on my TBR list. I’m getting to them, I’m getting to them.
  3. This one I knew would be a stretch. I still have 22 books left on my mom’s list so something tells me I won’t quite accomplish this resolution in 2011. There’s always next year.
  4. Finally, a resolution I am fulfilling! So far this year, I’ve read 29 books which puts me on track to beat the 40 I read last year.

Good thing I still have six months left to work on all of these. Though it reminds me why most people do not choose to look back on those silly resolutions they made back in the exuberance of the New Year celebrations.


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